Sunday Services

Everyone is welcome to attend either of our Sunday morning worship services. We have two services of Holy Communion each Sunday:

11:00 am (Sept-June)


During the months of July and August, the 10:00 am service .


Communion at Holy Trinity is open to Christians baptized in any tradition. Please come to the front and stand in front of the altar.

The bread will be placed in your hands; the appropriate response is "Amen". You may eat the wafer immediately or hold it to dip into the wine.

We have two cups of wine. The first is for those who wish to sip from the common cup; the second is for those who prefer to dip the wafer in the wine (a procedure referred to as intinction). You may also simply touch the cup without receiving the wine. Taking Communion in one kind only, i.e. the bread is completely appropriate if that is your preference.

Children in Our Services

We provide a Nursery and Sunday School during the service, but parents wishing to keep their children with them are welcome to do so. If your child begins to fuss, please feel free to step out or remain in the service; whatever you feel is best for you and your child. Children are always welcome at Holy Trinity.


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